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Running a business can be stressful with many moving parts. Whether you’re a creative freelancer, tradesperson, professional consultant or sole trader, we all need to manage relationships, source new business, maintain existing customers and provide a great service. These are just a few of the many tasks small business owners have to do  and we haven’t even touched on the financial admin.

Did you know that self-employed people spend over 500 hours a year on administrative tasks? Uome was created to make self-employed life simple so instead of spending late nights and weekends writing up invoices, sending quotes and managing finances. You can get your time back and do all of these tasks at a touch of a button with the Uome app.  Here are six ways Uome can help benefit your business!

1. Get paid faster

There has been recent news that small businesses are seeing a spike in the amount of time clients are waiting to pay overdue invoices. We know that small business owners need to have faster access to funds because it’s crucial to their sustainability.  Uome offers a variety of ways to get paid with faster payment methods like Open Banking allowing for instant account to account transfers enabling Uome users get paid immediately.

2. Accept in-person payments & get paid immediately

Uome is saving small business owners potentially hundreds of pounds for the year as in person transaction fees will be waived for new subscribers (Ts and C’s apply) for a whole year!! Users can take in person payments directly from customers with Uome’s state-of-the-art aPOS feature. This is done by allowing customers to simply scan a QR code on the business owner’s phone to accept payment via Uome’s open banking solution, which settles the funds directly to the businesses bank account, immediately after the customer confirms payment. 

3. Offer credit to your customers and clients

Empowering users to offer their clients/customers a flexible buy now pay later option to spread costs at no cost to their business with our Klarna integration. This is something that can be switched on or off -giving Uome users full control. This works well for those who often have to pay upfront for costs or want to be able to do more for their customers without feeling the pinch. 

4. Grow & earn with Uome – Join the affiliate programme

Uome users can sign up to become affiliates for Uome and earn a recurring 20% commission for referring new paying subscribers to Uome.  Once signed up partners will have  access to a bespoke affiliate dashboard to review uncapped earnings and successful referral leads in real-time all within the Uome app.

5. No barriers to collaborative working 

Uome supports collaborative working and we know that many self-employed workers work together on various projects. Uome allows for users to invoice each other easily as well as raise purchase orders for repeat work with a few simple swipes. It also enables users to send in-app, real-time messages to clients/customers including images, videos and updates on projects rather than working with multiple communications platforms (WhatsApp, email, SMS etc)

6. Peace of mind 

Uome is great for tax preparation and keeping a track record of your history all in one place. It also provides peace of mind in terms of a clear track record of client interaction, just in case something goes wrong.  

Download Uome for Apple or Android today and get your time back!

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