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My Account

How do I set up my account?

Download the Uome app and click Get Started. We’ll need to verify your email when you sign up so keep an eye out and check your junk/spam folder. Once you’re logged in our profile wizard will take you through the set-up.

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Why do you need my name and address?

In order to create an invoice, it’s a legal requirement to show the person/company details providing the service. This also works the same way if somebody was providing you with an invoice as your billing information.

I don’t have a logo?

That’s fine – you can upload an image of yourself so people know who they are dealing with. You can update your profile icon at any time.

What business details do you need?

We’re here to support solopreneurs. If you haven’t yet registered your company – don’t worry. Just enter the name you wish to trade as. If you are legally registered and required to submit tax returns please ensure you add your company no. and vat no.

Which bank details should I provide?

Please add the bank details of where you wish your funds to be sent. This will be displayed on your invoice and is used for card payments and Klarna pay-outs.

I can’t access my account?

You can reset your password on the log in page of the Uome app. We’ll then send you an email with a magic link to get access to your account.

Unable to login?

Please check the email and password you entered is correct. You must also have data/internet connection to authenticate with Uome.

How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to hear you wish to leave us. Please send an email to and we’ll process your request.


How do I create an invoice/quote?

Just click the + icon within the Uome app where you’re on the home screen or within chat. This will take you through the steps of creating a quote or invoice.

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My customers are not on Uome?

We send your customer the invoice via email which includes information on how to to pay. It’s recommended to encourage them to join Uome so that you can keep track of payments and conversations all in one place. This protects both you and them!

What happens when a quote is approved?

If a customer approves your quote, we automatically convert this into an invoice saving you time.

Can I copy invoices?

If you have a recurring invoice, click on the invoice and select copy. This will allow you to re-generate the invoice with a new due date.

How to add notes to a quote or invoice?

You can add notes to a quote or invoice using the pencil icon from the summary window. This will allow you to include any additional information, and any terms and conditions around the service you are providing.

Unable to create an invoice?

This is due to one of the following reasons

  • Your profile is not completed. Before you can create an invoice you must add your full name, address and bank details.
  • The customer you are trying to invoice does not have their address details filled in Uome. You can send an Address Request for them to complete this.
  • You have reached your monthly limit. You can upgrade your plan for unlimited invoices.

Can I backdate my due date?

Unfortunately not, all due dates must be set in the future for when the final balance is due.

What if I’ve made a mistake?

You can cancel and recreate an invoice easily from within the app.

How does the monthly limit work?

If you are on the Free or Pay As You Go plan. You can invoice up to £3,000 per month. Once you exceed this limit, you will have to wait until next month.

You can view your monthly limit on the Home dashboard to keep track.

Read more about our plans here

Want to send your customer a reminder?

Go to the invoice you want to send a reminder for. In the modal you will see a button ‘Send a reminder’. This will trigger an email and notify your customer/client.

Can I add jobs to my calendar to align with my schedule?

Of course, go to the invoice and click ‘Add to calendar’. This will create an event with your client/customer name and reference. You can select the date/time as you require. The due date is the default date set when the event is created to your calendar.


How long does it take for an invoice to settle after a payment?

Once a payment has been received, the invoice is automatically updated to reflect the amount paid. If your customer has outside of the app, you will need to manually mark the invoice as paid.

How can a customer pay via Instant Transfer?

In order to use account-to-account payments, you must first subscribe. This will allow your customers to pay you directly via their banking app using a secure link. You receive funds instantly using the bank transfer method.

My customer doesn’t have the option to pay by card?

In order for your customers to pay with card, Stripe needs to be connected to your profile. Learn more here

How do customers use Apple or Google Pay?

Once you’ve connected your profile with Stripe. Apple Pay and Google Pay will be offered as payment options providing their device is compatible and a card has been set-up on their mobile wallet.

There is no Klarna option available for my customer?

You must have Klarna enabled on your Stripe account before you can offer Klarna to your customers. Learn more here

Why did a payment link expire?

We take security seriously, a payment link expires if there has been no action or another payment method has been selected which differs from the original choice. In order to continue, please ask the customer to check their email or refresh their browser.

Can I disable card payments?

Fancy switching back to traditional BACS? Not to worry, you can disable card payments by heading to Account Settings > Card and Finance. Here you will find the option to enable/disable Stripe Payments. Please note this will turn off Klarna payments also.


How do I add contacts?

Click the + within the app and choose new contact. You can select a contact stored from your phone or use the quick add option. Once added your new contact will appear in chat.

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What if I don’t have a contacts address?

No problem, when you add a contact we only need their name and email. They will then be invited to Uome. An address is required for invoicing, if your contact does not have Uome we will send them an email which allows them to add their address details so you can move forward with your business.

Does my contact need to use the app?

No, we send your customer the invoice via email which includes information on how to to pay. It’s recommended to encourage them to join Uome so that you can keep track of payments and conversations all in one place. This protects both you and them!

Can I import contacts?

Yes, you can import contacts from your phone book using the Contacts button and allowing Uome access to sync your phone contacts.

Open Banking

What is Open Banking?

The digital world of payments is evolving, open banking is a safe and secure way to process payments and data. It’s effective against fraud and allows you to get paid instantly.

Subscribing to this feature in Uome allows you to get 100% of your money, avoiding fees per transaction like on card payments.

*Fair usage applies.

What are the benefits of A2A payments?

Open Banking enables more innovative financial services for businesses and consumers. It has changed the way people make payments using a direct account-to-account method – which is quicker, easier, secure and more cost effective than traditional payment methods.

How do I connect Instant Transfers?

In order to enable Instant Transfers on Uome, you must first verify your identity using Stripe within the app, and subscribe in-app.

You must then go into the Instant Transfers settings in Uome and click ‘Connect’. This will add your business as a recipient which will allow customers to pay you via their banking apps.

Watch the instruction video

Identity check keeps showing up?

You need to complete an identity check via Stripe. To do this go to Card and Finance in the App and click Connect.

The identity check is considered complete once Charges and Payouts are enabled. You can view this in the Settings within the Stripe section in the app.

To see the status of your on-boarding in Stripe, click ‘Connect’ in the Settings of Card and Finance. This will inform you if any missing information is required

Will I get notified when someone pays me?

Yes, you will receive a notification in Uome indicating that the payment has been received.

If you have push notifications enabled on your banking app, you may also get another message from your institution informing you of any activity.

Can I update my bank details after connecting?

Of course, head over to your account settings and update your bank details.

Once you have done this, you will need to reconnect as a recipient in the Instant Transfers settings.

Customer does not see option to Pay via Bank?

You must be subscribed and have Instant Transfers enabled on your account. Please ensure your status is ‘connected’ on the Instant Transfer setting. Learn more here

My customer is unable to complete payment as the recipient is not set-up?

Some banks for e.g. Tide have extra security and do not allow open banking payments unless you set-up the person you are paying as a recipient first in your banking app.

Please ensure they have set you up as a recipient first before they attempt to make payment.

Customer has paid but it's not yet confirmed in the app?

Sometimes it can take banks up to 12 hours to send a final response, even though you have received the funds. Please wait until this time has lapsed before manually settling the transaction.


What are the benefits of using Stripe?

Connecting Stripe within Uome allows you to accept card payments from your customers directly within Uome chat. It also enables you to offer Klarna, Apple Pay and Google Pay as methods of payments. * Fees apply.

Watch the instruction video

I don’t have a registered company?

Stripe is built for all kinds of businesses and individuals who may not have a company. When registering your Stripe account – be sure to select you are an Individual/Sole Proprietor.

Don’t have a business address?

You can use your home address if you don’t have a business address.

How do I change my payout frequency?

Go to your Stripe dashboard and select Settings > Business Accounts & Scheduling. Read more about Stripe Payouts here

What does it cost?

You can learn more about Stripe transaction fees here

Can I disable card payments?

Fancy switching back to traditional BACS? Not to worry, you can disable card payments by heading to Account Settings > Card and Finance. Here you will find the option to enable/disable Stripe Payments. Please note this will turn off Klarna payments also.


How do I enable Klarna?

Sign into your Stripe dashboard and select your Uome account. Go to your Payment Settings in Stripe, and click Eligible methods. Under ‘Requires Action’ section, find Klarna and click ‘Request access’.

How is Klarna offered to my customers?

Klarna is offered when a customer attempts to pay an invoice in Uome. Payment options differ for each individual based on multiple factors. If a customer is eligible for Klarna, you get paid upfront.

What does it cost?

You can learn more about Klarna transaction fees here

Can I disable Klarna payments?

You can disable Klarna payments by heading to Account Settings > Card and Finance. Here you will find the option to enable/disable Stripe Payments. Please note this will turn off card payments also.


How do I report my income and expenses?

On the main menu, click on Reports under the Tax option – this will allow you to select a to and from date and the required format for your report. A copy will be emailed to you containing all the relevant information.

Watch the instruction video

What are expenses?

Running a business is more than just creating invoices and getting paid. It’s also about your supplier costs. In Uome, we make it easy for you to record expenses which you report on your annual returns.

You can claim certain expenses against tax by offsetting against your personal tax allowance to lower your tax payment. Below are examples of expenses you can claim:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Employee benefits
  • Entertainment
  • Furniture, equipment, and machinery Insurance
  • Interest payments and bank fees
  • Licenses and permits
  • Meals
  • Membership fees
  • Office costs
  • Office supplies
  • Payroll
  • Professional fees and business services
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Taxes
  • Training and education
  • Travel expenses
  • Utilities
  • Vehicle expenses
  • Website and software

Remember to keep copies of your receipts!

How do I record an expense?

An expense can be related to running your business or supplier costs when providing a service to your customer. Here we explain the 2 different ways to record an expense in the Uome app. Please ensure you attach an image of the receipt.


Running the business

On the main menu, click on Expenses under the Tax option – this will allow you to add business related expenditures. Please ensure you attach an image of the receipt.


Invoice related expense

Find the invoice you wish to associate an expense to in chat or the payments screen. Click on the Expenses button – this will allow you to add related expenses for the specific invoice.

Watch the instruction video


What is the catalogue?

This is your product inventory – where you can store products and services (description and cost) for ease of checkout when creating invoices and quotes. When you have added items to your catalogue, you can select it from the create invoice/quote screen.

Where do I add items to the catalogue?

On the main menu, click on Catalogue under the settings option. Here you can add items which will be presented when creating invoices and quotes.

Watch the instruction video

Order Requests

What’s a order request?

An order request is when someone makes a request for your services through Uome. You will then have the ability to approve or reject the order depending on your workload.

Purchase orders can only be requested if you have items in your catalogue and the option enabled in settings.

Who can send a order request?

Any connected user on Uome will have the option to request an order from your listed services. We send both customer and merchant the order and invoice via email and information on how to pay. It’s recommended to use Uome chat to keep all conversations in one place. This helps both parties!

What happens when an order is approved?

If a purchase order is approved, we automatically convert this into an invoice to allow payment.

Customers are unable to create a purchase order?

This is due to one of the following reasons:

  • You do not have any items added to your catalogue
  • The customer you are trying to invoice does not have their address details filled in Uome. You can send an Address Request for them to complete this.
  • You do not have Order Requests enabled in your settings


What do I get when I subscribe?

Subscribing gives you access to our wider range of features. It also removes any billing limits and allows you to take advantage of instant account-to-account payments

You can learn more about our different packages here

How do I subscribe?

Go to your account settings by clicking the avatar on the header bar. Here you will find the option called ‘Manage Plan’.

You will be then be able to subscribe in-app using the options available. Charges will be made using the method chosen on checkout.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry to hear that our subscription isn’t suited to your needs. In order to cancel your subscription you must go to your app store settings on your device.

There you will find your active subscriptions with the option to cancel.

If you signed up via an affiliate – you can manage and cancel your subscription at anytime here


What is Uome’s application Point of Sale?

Application Point of Sale (aPOS) allows you to accept payments in person using only your smartphone via the Uome mobile application. No additional card reader or hardware is needed.

Where a traditional POS terminal requires both hardware and software components, as well as a complex suite of software to manage inventory, tracking sales and other customer activities. Uome allows your customers to simply scan a QR code on your phone screen to accept a payment via our open banking solution, which settles the funds directly to your bank account, immediately after your customer confirms the payment.

With Uome’s state of the art aPOS system, the only thing you need to run your business and get paid is your smartphone.

How do I create an aPOS sale?

Before creating a sale – please verify with your customer that they have a mobile banking app on their phone. Within the Uome application you can then create a sale by using either the keypad or catalogue.

Using the keypad:

Click POS in the bottom navigation bar. Enter the total amount you want to charge and click the Proceed to Payment button. Simple as that – 3 easy steps!

Using the catalogue:

Uome’s catalogue allows you to add products and services to your inventory. When creating a sale through your catalogue – select the specific goods or services, and the quantity of each to generate your sale*.

*If you are VAT registered and have added your VAT number to Uome, this will be calculated and displayed before generating the sale.

Watch the instruction video

How does the aPOS payment work?

Once you have created your sale, the Uome app will show a QR code on your phone which you present to the customer.

Your customer scans the QR code using the camera function on their phone. They will then be asked to select their bank and authenticate the payment from within their banking app, which will open automatically on their phone.

Once payment has been completed, you will receive a notification on your phone.

The whole process is lightning fast and the funds will be in your account before you’ve said goodbye to your customer! You no longer need to worry about payout schedules and instead you can access your hard earned funds instantly.

My customer wants a receipt?

There are two ways to send a receipt to your customer

  1. When you have received payment, you will see the option called ‘Send receipt’. This will allow you to enter the customer email address. When you click Send a receipt will be sent to the email.
  2. Go to settled orders in the aPOS screen and click the relevant sale. You will see the option ‘Send Receipt’. Enter the customer email and click send.

Please ask your customer to check their junk folder. You can resend receipts via the settled orders tab if required.

I can’t access aPOS in the app?

Please ensure you have subscribed and enabled Instant Transfers. This is required in order to generate sales and initiate payments for Uome’s aPOS feature.

My customer can’t find their bank, what do I do?

If your customer’s bank is not eligible for open banking and immediate settlement, simply send your customer an invoice which will allow them to pay using a credit- or debit card instead.

How do I refund my customer?

Go to your banking app, and create a bank transfer using your customers details. The ability to initiate refunds via the Uome app is coming soon.

Customer has selected bank, but banking app is not launching?

This is related to device settings. Pop-ups and app redirection must be enabled in order to launch their banking app. Alternatively the customer will be prompted to log in to the web version for the bank account to complete payment.

My customer can’t see their account on the banking app?

Some customers have multiple accounts with one institution. In most cases your customer has online banking for one account (e.g. current) but not the other (e.g. credit). In order to pay with an account using instant bank transfer, they must first set-up online banking with their institution.

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