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Open banking payments with Uome

Instant payment

Get paid in real-time, customers pay directly into your bank account using A2A transfers

Full amount

No transaction fees – just you and your money, say hello to 100% of your earnings

Better conversion

No more manual bank transfers or entering card details when making payment

Secure links

Customers will be prompted to verify their credentials on their banking app

In order to enable Open Banking payments on Uome, you must first verify your identity and subscribe. Learn more

Why do I need Open Banking payments?

Enabling Instant Transfers allows you to get paid instantly from Uome chat or email using open banking payments.

Verify identity

Complete a verification check via Stripe, to allow us to identify who you are


In the Uome app, click ‘Subscribe’ to gain access to Instant Transfers for a small monthly fee


Enable instant transfers and start getting paid instantly via open bank transfers

Accelerate with bank-to-bank payments

Uome gives you messaging, billing and payments in all in one place

  • Instant account-to-account transfers
  • Supercharge the payment experience
  • Protect your customers
  • Subscription in return for zero transaction fee
  • Minimise costs
  • Help fight fraud

Enable Open Banking in Uome

Enable the payment modal
Change the way you run your business