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London, 1st July 2024 – Uome, a revolutionary super app for solo business owners, is excited to announce a new partnership with FundOnion, a leading marketplace that connects SMEs with a curated panel of lenders focussing on growth financing. This partnership will enable Uome customers to access much-needed capital to grow and scale their businesses, directly through the Uome app.

The primary goal of this partnership is to provide Uome customers with the additional benefit of accessing capital via FundOnion’s extensive panel of lenders. Uome will act as a distribution partner for FundOnion, enhancing the financial tools available to its users.

Uome is designed to streamline business operations for solo business owners, enabling seamless interaction and transactions with customers. The app also connects users to lending partners, providing access to capital to help businesses grow.

FundOnion is a FinTech marketplace that helps SMEs access finance quickly & easily via technology including Open Banking, AI, and APIs to facilitate funding via a panel of lenders, providing an array of financial options to help businesses thrive.

Through this partnership, Uome customers will gain direct access to loans, helping them to grow their businesses. Too many small businesses struggle to find the right funding, but Uome and FundOnion believe that by providing SMEs with the knowledge and tools to navigate the financial world, they can make a positive impact on people’s businesses.

“By partnering with FundOnion, we are offering our customers a crucial resource to secure funding and drive their business growth,” said Jason Halstead, CEO and Founder of Uome. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to empower solo business owners with the tools they need to succeed.”

James Robson, CEO of FundOnion, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Uome and extend our lending panel’s reach to a wider audience. Uome have a distinct and desperately needed offering to the SME market and we believe they can support the growth of SMEs across the country. With this shared vision, together, we can provide SMEs with the financial support they need to thrive in a competitive market.”

The partnership between Uome and FundOnion will officially launch this week, marking the beginning of a new era of financial accessibility for small businesses.

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Uome is a revolutionary super app for solo business owners. It streamlines business operations, allowing users to engage with customers via UomeChat, manage orders, issue invoices, accept payments, and produce financial statements—all from their mobile phones. What sets Uome apart is its unique blend of conversational commerce and a full banking ledger. With Uome, users can interact and transact with their customers seamlessly, right from the palm of their hand. Uome also connects solo business owners to lending partners to provide access to capital, helping business owners scale and grow.

FundOnion is an AI-powered marketplace dedicated to connecting small and medium-sized enterprises with a wide range of lenders, offering tailored financial solutions to meet their business needs.