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One ecosystem. Endless possibilities.

At Uome we partner with Banks, fintechs, core banking platforms and bank-as-a-service providers. Uome can build on top of a core banking platform, enabling our partners to roll out a cutting edge app for solo entrepreneurs and micro businesses – so they can quickly capitalise on the growth of this fast growing segment.

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Innovate. Transform. Prosper.

Uome’s cloud-based solution revolutionises your SME strategy by significantly reducing time and costs. Say hello to your read-to-deploy partner network and financial platform.



SME super-app branded by a bank or financial institution, featuring modular and customisable design.


API integration

Already got a product? No problem, access deeply integrated financial services through our developer-friendly APIs.


Speed to market

Launch your project in a matter of weeks, not years, to stay competitive and up-to-date in today’s rapidly evolving market.

Our tech stack

Data compliant

Our robust solution guarantees that all data is securely stored in the cloud, strategically dispersed across key regions globally, offering peace of mind and a competitive edge for businesses seeking reliable and region-specific data management.

You’re in good hands.

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Why choose Uome

Financial technology with expert guidance

Data driven

Powerful data and insights to enhance product, creating more effective and tailored offerings.


Trust our regulated, secure framework for safe SME business management and operations.


Easily manage SME partnerships with minimal contractual and integration complexities using Uome.


Experience dedicated support and custom solutions from Uome, focused on SME needs.

Many banks and financial institutions are expanding their horizons

Supplementary services often suffer from a lack of integration and data connectivity, leading to a considerable loss of critical insights. With Uome, we address this issue comprehensively, ensuring seamless integration and data synergy.

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