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Denzel's Story

Purchase Order Checkout Direct

Uome allows consumers to make purchase orders directly to service providers. Once the order is accepted, the customer instantly receives an invoice and instructions on how to pay.

Denzel is a customer who loves to order a takeaway every lazy Sunday with flatmates. Proper Jerk is a Caribbean caterer that uses Uome to run their business. Denzel was able to send a purchase order to the restaurant using the menu listed within the app. Proper Jerk confirmed the order, Denzel was able to pay for the meal in the chat feature and make a collection.

Purchase orders

Customers can order directly in Uome chat. An order request is sent to the business to approve. Once accepted an invoice is created with payment instructions. Uome automates the workflow to provide a great customer experience.


Businesses can list all of their products and services through the app. The client can then request an order using the items listed in Uome. The business can also use the catalogue for easy invoice creations.

Customer loyalty

Denzel was able to request a takeaway order with a restaurant directly in the app. Uome sent confirmation of the order request and notified the supplier. The order was then accepted and Denzel received an invoice. Uome makes life simple for everyone.

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As a customer, I personally think that every business should use Uome. The process to make an order was smooth and every update I received was in real-time. I love that I could chat directly with the business, and not have to go through a support team.