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We are proud to announce Uome’s participation in Mastercard’s inaugural Start Path 2023 Small Business program. Following our launch in March 2022, this esteemed recognition positions Uome among a select group of innovative startups shaping the future of fintech and SMEs.

Mastercard’s Start Path Small Business is a four month program that gives startups the opportunity to leverage Mastercard’s network and subject matter expertise to uncover product partnerships, scale their companies, and power solutions that drive safe, secure and simple experiences. Of the startups in the cohort, Mastercards says: “they demonstrate strong synergies with Mastercard’s approach to helping entrepreneurs grow their business and provide solutions beyond payments that will help SMEs thrive.”

Since Uome’s launch, we’ve grown from a single B2C platform helping small businesses streamline their operational horizontal, to a multichannel firm with a B2B arm selling bespoke API infrastructure modules to partners around the world.

Through our participation in the Start Path program, we aim to refine our offerings, explore new growth avenues, and strengthen our position as a leading player in the global SME market. This collaboration with Mastercard will enable Uome to access a global network of potential clients, investors, and mentors, fueling our growth trajectory and accelerating our mission of providing accessible financial solutions for SMEs.

Read the official announcement here