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Uome, a London-based fintech company, has successfully secured a £165k Bootstrap Round of funding from a group of prominent investors with diverse backgrounds in Premier League advisory, top angel investing, banking giants like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, and renowned organisations such as IBM and BUPA. This infusion of capital will fuel the further development of Uome’s innovative technology stack and expand its product offering. With a focus on simplifying operations and empowering small businesses, Uome aims to enable entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their enterprises entirely from their smartphones.

Streamlining business operations for financial inclusion

Jason Halstead, the Founder of Uome, brings over 20 years of experience as a consultant financial technologist for prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and HSBC. He emphasises the importance of financial inclusion and created Uome with a vision to simplify the lives of self-employed individuals.

“Uome’s comprehensive solution removes the operational burden associated with running a business, including managing customer relationships, invoicing, generating quotes, tax preparation, and expense management. By centralising all these essential tasks on a mobile platform, business owners can focus their energy on delivering the products and services their customers require.”

Having worked alongside numerous consultants, contractors, and freelancers during his consulting career, Jason observed the inadequacy of existing tools and services in the business management space. Many incumbents in this industry focus on specific aspects of the journey, such as cash flow or tax preparation, without providing a holistic solution. However, Uome firmly believes that small business owners should prioritise their customers above all else to drive business growth.

Addressing the gap in business management solutions

Motivated by extensive research and armed with the knowledge that small, solo, and micro business owners contribute significantly to the UK economy (amounting to £1.5 trillion), Jason Halstead embarked on a mission to simplify and reduce the stress associated with running a business. Uome was born out of this vision, aiming to alleviate operational burdens and cognitive friction for entrepreneurs. Catering to the diverse needs of the self-employed community at every stage of their business journey.

With the successful completion of its £165k Bootstrap Round, Uome is poised to revolutionise business management for small enterprises in the UK. By leveraging its cutting-edge technology stack, Uome empowers entrepreneurs to streamline their operations and access all essential tools directly from their smartphones. Through its inclusive and affordable pricing plans, Uome strives to support the growth and success of self-employed individuals, enabling them to focus on their customers and drive their businesses forward. As Uome continues to expand its product offering, it promises to reshape the landscape of business management, fostering a thriving ecosystem for small businesses in the UK.

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