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Customer Case Study

In the competitive world of fine jewellery, Olivia Jean Jewellery has made a name for itself with its commitment to quality. Founded just nine months ago by Jo Whittaker and her business partner Louise, this London-based brand has already made significant strides, thanks in part to their partnership with Uome, the super app for solo entrepreneurs and micro-businesses.

Founding Inspiration

Jo Whittaker’s journey to co-founding Olivia Jean Jewellery was born from a blend of professional experience and a personal passion for fashion and jewellery. With over two decades as a project manager, Jo noticed a scarcity of high-quality, precious metal jewellery on the high street. Driven to fill this gap, Jo and Louise sourced top-notch suppliers of precious metals to create a line of authentic, expertly crafted pieces.

Uome: Empowering Mobile Business Efficiency

From day one, Olivia Jean Jewellery has leveraged Uome to streamline their operations, particularly in managing their vast product catalogue and sales processes across multiple channels – online, pop-up shops, and private jewellery parties. Jo points out how they were lucky to start using Uome from the very beginning, which has allowed them to efficiently manage their entire catalog of over 120 SKUs.

“We’ve been able to inventory our whole catalogue on Uome, which has been brilliant”, Jo shares. “And it’s been really useful for people because they’ve been able to just pay straight away or straight into our bank account, so from a cash flow point of view, as a startup, that’s been really invaluable.

Jo Whittaker, Co-Founder of Olivia Jean Jewellery.

Uome’s point of sale feature has been particularly beneficial for Olivia Jean Jewellery, as it facilitates seamless payments during their pop-up events and private jewellery parties. Without Uome’s mobile POS, Jo would have faced significant hurdles in managing sales and accepting payments on the go. “However, we have found that there have been challenges along the financial line, especially with point of sale, because we’re not always in one place, we’re always moving around. So that has always been a bit of a challenge for us, but Uome’s helped us to overcome this,” Jo explains.

Unlocking Benefits: Streamlined Operations and Customer Satisfaction

Integrating Uome has yielded significant improvements in efficiency for Olivia Jean Jewellery.

“My favourite feature is being able to just download our whole catalogue. We have 120 lines or more in our catalogue and having to input all that in would have been quite a big task. But because we can just bulk download it straight from a CSV file, we’ve cut out so much time. It’s just really easy.

Jo Whittaker, Co-Founder of Olivia Jean Jewellery.

The ability to turn their catalogue into an e-commerce online store has been another game-changer. “We’ve now joined up to the e-commerce section of Uome. It’s been really useful as well because they can just link in straight into our catalogue,” Jo shares.

As Olivia Jean Jewellery continues to grow, Uome remains a cornerstone of their operations. Significantly, Jo mentions how Uome’s customer-centric approach and responsiveness to her suggestions has been another key factor in driving their growth.

Upcoming features like enhanced inventory tracking, which was suggested by Jo herself and is being built by the Uome team, promise to further enhance their capabilities. “We asked recently for some inventory, some stock inventory functionality so that we could actually see how many pieces of jewellery were left and it will help us then to be able to go and reorder, which is fabulous,” Jo notes, emphasising Uome’s commitment to incorporating user feedback.

Jo’s journey with Olivia Jean Jewellery illustrates how innovative solutions like Uome can drive small businesses to success.

Jo Whittaker, Co-Founder of Olivia Jean Jewellery.