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Take contactless payments with just your phone!

The Uome app gives your smartphone the ability to take contactless payments, from anywhere, with no extra hardware.

Tap and pay. It's that simple.

Available on iPhone XS or later with iOS 16.4 or later and Android OS 10 or later (base OS 8.1+) with Google Services and NFC. Transaction fees and limits apply. Some contactless cards may not be accepted.

All you need is a compatible phone and Uome

Accept contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital wallets in person with Tap to Pay on Uome. No extra hardware needed.

Download the Uome app

Enable Tap to Pay and complete an identity check

Key in an amount or select an item in POS

Have your customer hold their phone or card against your phone

Coming soon

Tap to Pay on iPhone

  • Compatibility – iPhone XS or a newer model
  • iOS version – Ensure you’re running 16.4 or a later version
  • Apple Connect – When prompted, set-up and configure Apple connect
  • Stay updated – For the optimal experience, keep your iOS software updated

Tap to Pay on Android

  • Android version – Your Android device should be running OS 11 or a higher version, with a base OS of at least 8.1
  • Google services – Ensure your phone supports Google Services; it’s typically pre-installed
  • NFC – Your phone should have this enabled to accept payments
  • Stay updated – For the optimal experience, keep your Android software updated

Empower Allow Enable

customers to pay how they want

Tap to Pay on Uome streamlines payments so you can sell anywhere. If you have an internet connection and a phone, you’re in business.


Transparency, as always.

Nobody likes surprises, that’s why Uome rates are always clear from the start. No hidden fees. No fixed contracts.

Per tap

1.5% + 20p for UK cards


No minimum commitments


Just your phone

Compare plans

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Which devices work with Tap to Pay?

iPhone XS and newer devices. iOS 16.4 or later.

Android device running operating system (OS) 10 or higher, with a base OS of at least 8.1.

I’m not a registered business, can I use Tap to Pay?

Yes, we’d love for you to join the Uome family. We’ll just need to complete an identity check when you first enable Tap to Pay. This will allow us to verify your details, and in return give you access to Tap to Pay.

How do I set-up Tap to Pay?

After you download the Uome app, you’ll be asked for enable permissions on your device when enabling Tap to Pay in Uome app settings. Once that’s done, you can accept contactless payments on your phone via POS.

Which payment methods work with Tap to Pay?

You can accept payments from contactless enabled Mastercard, Visa debit and credit cards. The best experience is when your customer is using a digital wallet on their phone such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If your customer does not have a contactless payment method, you can also accept payments via QR code and payment links.

Is Tap to Pay secure?

Tap to Pay uses the latest technology to keep your data secure. Payment card data isn’t stored on your device or our servers, so you can rest assured that this feature has been built with you and your customer in mind.