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Card payments with Stripe through Uome

Rapid payments

Receive payments from your customers from the invoice you send within chat

Hassle free

Reduced admin, no checking of bank details, payment disputes are handled by Stripe

Secure payment transfers

Transfers are encrypted using the latest security software

No delayed payments

Your customers will be able to pay immediately, no excuses

Why do I need Stripe?

Enabling Stripe verifies your identity and allows you to take payment via card, Apple Pay and Google Pay from Uome chat or email.

How much does it cost?

Sign up to Stripe

Start your Stripe sign-up from within Uome, its in Account Settings

Enter your details

Stripe make on boarding as quick as possible and you only have to do it once

Charges & Payouts

Ensure Charges and Payouts are enabled so you can get paid
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Your business in your pocket

Uome gives you messaging, billing and payments in all in one place

  • Full Encryption of payment and communication
  • Payment disputes handled by Stripe
  • Manage all business transactions
  • No setup fees or bloated fees
  • Quick payout schedule
  • Fraud management

Connect Stripe in Uome

Enable the payment modal
Change the way you run your business