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Build and run your e-commerce website in seconds!

Everything you need to effortlessly manage your beautiful, all-inclusive online store and create an exceptional shopping experience for your customers, at no extra cost!

Your shopfront

We’ve designed your e-commerce website to sell anything, from checkout, payments, shipping and retention.

Deliveries Click and collect Table service

Expand your reach and save costs on domain hosting, building and maintaining. Don’t worry Uome has your back.


It's simple.

Showcase your products

Product images

Show-off your items with style. Upload images for customers to see what they’re buying.


Choose which items are listed, whether it’s in-stock, unavailable or you wish to hide an item temporarily.

Bulk import

Upload a .csv with all your items and products, no need for manual entries. The bigger the better.

Payment options

Control which payment options you wish to accept. We’re here to support you in the process.

Content management

Keep track of orders which have been paid for. Update your options with ease. View detailed information about each order. Let your customers write comments and specify options for their order.

Power your sales

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Customer details
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Do I need to create a website?

No, we do it all for you. Simply add your items and products to your catalogue. Once you’ve done this head over to the E-Commerce settings and click connect. That’s it! Your brand new shiny website will be available within seconds.

How much does it cost to host?

Your website is hosted as part of your subscription plan, at no extra cost! That’s right. No hidden fees or catches. We’re here to look after you.

What type of orders do you support?

You can toggle between deliveries, click and collect or table service. Depending on your style of business, you can choose options which suite you. Our smart dashboard will let you view all orders for you to stay on top of your sales.

Do I get my own website link?

Yes, every seller will have their own unique e-commerce website link. You can share this on your social network, existing website (if you have one) or why not go the extra mile and print out a QR code.

How do customers pay me?

It’s all linked to your Uome account. Your customers will be able to pay via the payment options you have enabled in the app. Even if you choose to disable these options – it will reflect in real-time on your website.

You’ll also be able to view all your orders in the Uome app.