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Monique's Story

Creative Vision Connect Bespoke

Uome allows creatives to stay in contact with their clients whilst on the move. They can keep them up to date with photos/videos and arrange payments easily.

Monique had a request from Sharon for a jumpsuit to be made for a wedding. Monique connected with Sharon on Uome and they discussed what she needed. Sharon provided a photo of the design that she likes and Monique sent her an invoice which was paid through the chat function in the app. Monique was able to keep the client updated with photos and they were able to arrange fittings all within the app.

Evidence based work

Monique was able to arrange appointments with her client for fittings throughout the process and keep her up to date with anything her client needed to know. It also allowed the client to follow up with any questions that they had, and it was easy for Monique to refer back to.

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I love that Uome is a clean and streamlined looking app. I’ve found it such a simple help to easily keep on top of my invoicing system. Coupled with the fact that clients can pay seamlessly through the app, its really helped me take my business up a notch!