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Michael's Story

Contract Private Repeat Corporate

Uome helps consultants with all their invoicing needs and reduces time spent on financial admin. They can invoice on the go from anywhere.

Michael is an IT Consultant and has several clients mixed across private and corporate sectors. Michael uses Uome to send quotes and invoices. The clients are able to approve estimates and make payments using call-to-action buttons via email. Life is simple for Michael as Uome caters to any type of customer.

Professional invoices

Michael can send professional invoices to clients with just a few clicks in Uome. Several payment methods are provided to customers which allow them to pay with ease using secure links via email or the app.

Repeat clients

Michael can keep track of all invoice statuses for each client and send reminders using Uome automated workflows. Invoices can be duplicated for any repeat clients saving time on financial admin.

Work from anywhere

Michael can create and send invoices from anywhere at his convenience whether it’s in the office, at home or the coffee shop. Uome keeps him mobile.

Get Uome

I have simplified my business with Uome. Invoicing has never been easier for me. It has reduced admin and helped save me time, which has allowed me to focus on the things that matter most.

MichaelIT Consultant