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Every small business owner knows that staying on top of your finances is essential but can be an exasperating task at times.  With the day to day operations of running a small business, it’s not unusual for things to slip. After a long day you might put off doing your expenses and before you know it you have a huge stack of receipts and expenses that need to be logged and filed.

Many small businesses start off using spreadsheets to keep track of their expenses with Excel spreadsheets leading the way. Now let’s be clear, we don’t have anything against spreadsheets, but as your business grows so will your needs and this is where Uome comes in to help you take the next step in growing your business.

Your financial information is like gold dust, it contains sensitive information that must be kept secured. The last thing any business owner needs is their financial information falling in the wrong hands, being stolen or having to deal with corrupted files and getting locked out of their spreadsheet. Most spreadsheets are saved on computers which raises the question of security, how secure is your data, and can it be hacked?

Managing spreadsheets can also be extremely time-consuming and repetitive data entry can be a boring and arduous task.  There have been studies on how boredom can lead to human error and when it comes to your bottom line there is no room for error. You also need to know how to structure your spreadsheet to really stay on top of income and expenses.

With Uome all you need to do is input your information and it will collate your data for you, so you can export your monthly reports and review your performance. You can also take a photo and upload your receipts for tax preparation. In addition you can see your income and expenses on the dashboard. Giving you a full overview on how your business is doing so you can plan and forecast growth. 

It’s estimated that self-employed people spend 500 hours a year on admin! Are you ready to ditch your spreadsheet, save time and easily and efficiently monitor your business health? If the answer is yes, welcome to Uome, where we are committed to making self-employed life simple. Download Uome from your app store and join the Uome community.

Do you want to know how Uome can benefit your business? Download the app for Apple or Android today!

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