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Welcome to Uome’s ecosystem

Supercharge your concept with our flexible API.

Uome offers a unique operational horizontal covering all aspects of running a business. Create a web or mobile application of your choosing using our suite of services.
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Build a platform for the future.

Our API is unparalleled and has been built by experts who have been at the frontline of major FinTech companies. We use the latest technology, and take an elastic approach when it comes to infrastructure and scaling. Any company or financial institution can integrate directly. We’re giving you the keys to the future of business and finance – all via our APIs.

Test and play with our API


Get sandbox access and start browsing our API docs to see which services you want to experiment with


Dive right in and interact with our APIs to test your bespoke integration directly with your app or website


Launch your product with the help of our dedicated team. Watch the magic happen and empower your end users

The Uome API has been designed with a developers mind. There is minimal tech input required from you or your team, Uome can have you set-up and running in no time.

Let's talk tech.

Keen to find out how we make this all work?

Read our API docs and learn all about the services, we’re ready to work with you and help your project succeed.

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We can build a better future, together.

Manipulate your data with ease. NoSQL removes the traditional concept of rows and relational data. Say hello to ‘documents’ and build on a flexible data model. Rapid load times, better responses, evolutionary tech.